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I'm driving close to 70 miles tomorrow to a Petco, and want to make the trip worth it.

I have a tall 45", going to be running compressed CO2. I have a Fluval 304, and I'll be purchasing lighting online.

What items should I need from the ground up, such as chemicals, ferts, equipment, etc.
Maybe a specific substrate brand, or anything like that would be nice. I know there is Eco-Complete, but its pretty expensive, so I was thinking about using 2-3mm gravel (whats a good brand?) on top of something, no sure what that something should be yet.

As a side note, Lowes is another store that will be near Petco, if you have any substrate recommendations to go under gravel, etc.

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Substrate really comes down to color and texture preference for you. Get what looks good to you and is cheap is you need to save money.
"Aquariumplants substrte", turface, SMS, sand, colorquartz, gravel...

You've got CO2, filtration, and lighting taken care of it looks like. The next thing you need is water conditioner and fertilizer. The only thing I've seen at PetsMart/PetCo is Flourish. That will only provide micro-nutrients. You also need Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus. You can get liquids or dry ferts. Dry is cheaper by far.

Here is a possible source of dry ferts (you can even get the micros here) :

Liquids you can get from pfertz or seachem suppliers.

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