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Crypt Parva A+++ quality 5.99 each
Marselia crenata 2.99 each small portions emersed
Echinodorus horemanii red med-lg A++ submerged 8.99
Crypt Wendtii mi oya A++ 6.99
Blyxa aubertii Not so great shape i would wait a week for it to acclimate 5.99
Blyxa Japonica SAME AS ABOVE 5.99
Aponogeton HENKELIANUS BULB 9.99
Vallisneria sprialis RED 1.20 each
Vallisneria Spiralis Leapord 2.99
houttuynia cordata emerged B quality 5.99

These are not listed on our website so please email me via our site our OUR forum with what you would like
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Not yet as these are first time getting these.
Once we grow some out we will get some pics of them posted
All 50 blyxas are sold!!
Both types.
The crypt didnt fair so well so i only have a few left and they are no longer grade A
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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