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I'm pleased to announce our newest sponsor - Freshwater Aquarium Plants!

Freshwater Aquarium Plants has been in the business of aquarium plants, pond plants, and tropical fish for quite some time. Here's a quote from their website: "We work at what we love. Our attention to detail and quality with aquarium plants and tropical fish is what makes this company different from the rest. If we make a living at this, it is only a by-product of the passion we have for our work! We hope that you agree when you do business with us. Need more info about who we are or how we do it? Just ask. We specialize in aquarium plants and watergarden plants and will provide additional information on complete biotopes and the latest in planted aquarium and pond supplies in the months ahead. Our goal is that you will be enthusiastic and enjoy your selections as much as we enjoy helping you."

Please join me in thanking them for sponsoring APC!
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