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Niko and your mailbox

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Wanted to pm you but your mailbox is full. Would you please clear some space? Thanks :D
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I will be at any Sunday meeting you have. Sat. is not a day I can attend.

(Sorry for the stupid title, I was trying to get Niko's attention to empty his mailbox.)
Since I've just joined not long ago and can't make the Sat meetings I'm not sure what you've tried. Some suggestions to increase participation:

1.Each member donate equipment, fish, shrimp, substrate,etc. from which to do a random drawing each month. I understand that you do swap plants at each meeting. If yall are like me you have a fish box with stuff that you don't use, extra light, filter, etc. If you raise shrimp that could be a donation....

2. Bring a cd with pxs of your tanks. We'd have a time where we show the each person's tank, issues etc.

ALSO: I would be glad to host a meeting at my place. It can be any other time but Friday night sundown to Sat night sundown.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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