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Niko and your mailbox

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Wanted to pm you but your mailbox is full. Would you please clear some space? Thanks :D
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TexGal, to whom are you speaking? All of us in the club? I e-mailed Nikolay today and had no response, but my Inbox at APC is only half-full.

Okay, thanks. Niko, we wish you and your family all the best.

I really wish we could have this discussion on one thread. Sigh.

In my opinion, the slowdown of the club can only partially be attributed to the economy. I think it's been a question of less and less communication among club members. In any given group of people, about half will not remember to check this forum for new messages without reminders. So they won't know about the meeting at all unless you contact them via e-mail. Then another 5% of them don't ever check their e-mail, or changed their e-mail and forgot to tell us.

There is an e-mail mailing list called dfwapc, but it hadn't been updated in a long time. Niko was posting here, then I was re-posting it on the mailing list, but half the members weren't on the list and half the people on the list weren't members! This has been fixed. You will all get e-mails from this list. No one is using it to chat anymore, so likely it will just be meeting announcements.

So who is in charge of marketing? The Vice President is supposed to be in charge of it, but we don't have one. Niko was doing great, even though he works three jobs. I tried to help a little this year, but I get very busy with TAG and disappear for weeks several times per year, which makes me very unreliable for that chore.

Here's a point I *really* want everyone to hear. This is a CLUB, which means everyone has something to contribute. I think for a long time it has been Nikolay's sole burden and that's not fair to him. Look what happened when he had a family emergency -- nothing.

Things are looking up, though. Several people have offered to host. I'll be in touch with those people. The e-mail list is current. The two threads where we are discussing the club have 200 hits. Mike has a digital projector that can be plugged into a laptop. We have heard some good ideas for future meetings and no one said, "Nah, that sucks." :) That's encouraging.
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I *am* doing that!
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