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Right now we are putting together an aquatic plant club for the people of NJ and Metro NY.

My idea is for something, not like a traditional club at this point, but more of a mailing list. My thought was to put together an email list of area people who are interested in plants. What we would do is send out a message to other members of the list when we have a particular plant we are looking to swap or sell, or if there is a particular plant we are looking for. We would give members of the list the first chance to buy, sell or swap said plants. This network would be a means of contact for all local plant enthusiasts.

I would love to see this transition from the designed network into more of a traditional club. While I think a traditional style club could happen, the network would be a great way to gauge interest, while limiting the initial amount of commitment.

At this point we have about a dozen members. A few of whom are members of APC as well. We are on our way and have just started our own Yahoo Group ( NJAPN - North Jersey Aquatic Plant Network). Anyone in the NJ-NY Metro area as well as CT and western PA are encouraged to join us! You can contact myself via PM here at APC, via PM on Planted Tank, or subscribe to the group directly: [email protected]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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