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No H2O2?

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Have you guys noticed the pharmacies aren't stocking H2O2?
I'm sure it's due to COVID but this is my main weapon against BB algae.
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I bought a bottle of H2O2 just a few months ago, but just about anything can be out of stock in stores now.
Yeah, I bought a bottle a few months ago too.
The shelves are empty now. Rubbing alcohol is empty too.
But, at least now we can get toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissues.
Toilet paper has no effect on BBA, I'm afraid.
Toilet paper has no effect on BBA, I'm afraid.
Darn! I was going to do an experiment to determine that.:rolleyes:
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I found a 16oz bottle at Walgreens for the price of what used to be a 32oz bottle. I was limited to buying just one bottle.

I guess I can buy online on amazon.
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