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The ones in the auction link are the "good" ones. I think they are Planorbis corneus or Helisoma trivolvis or something of the sort. Some people breed "red" ramshorns - these are the same species but a recessive gene makes them appear very much red - I believe it's similar to albinism. Every once in a while, however, the population needs to be outcrossed or the progressively newer generations get weaker and weaker until they die off. I like the brown ones, anyway.

The Colombian ramshorn that Jan mentioned is Marisa cornuarietis, and will absolutely wreak havoc in a planted tank. They get really big, too. They're related to the apple snail.

I once bought a Neritina reclivata (olive nerite) and it died almost as soon as I placed it in my tank. They're actually brackish water snails and probably won't do so well unless there's significant hardness to the water. Recently, what became available at my LFS is another nerite snail, but it has a very interesting pattern on the shell. They call it something like "tiger" or "zebra" nerite (I forget which). They're beautiful, and like the olive nerite, can do wonders for a tank with serious algae problems, but I never bought one for fear that it would meet the same fate as my first nerite. I've also heard of people complaining about how these snails lay these egg capsules all over the tank. But they don't hatch, unless they're in brackish water.

Here's a pretty good site:

Oh, BTW, if you have trouble keeping the ramshorns' shells looking nice and shiny, give them Hikari Tropical Crab Cuisine. They're pellets that I originally bought for my shrimp, but it turned out to be very beneficial for the snails, too. Must be the calcium iodate...

Enjoy them gastropods!

-Naomi ;)
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