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Not Mechanically inclined Please explain.

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All these are on Rex Grigg's Site, Please no Flaming i am NOT a Mister Fix it kinda guy and have NO CLUE what these things do. So Please Explain What each Does and Why its needed, i feel that i should have a base knowledge and Working understanding before i try to Set one of these up on my tank and kill everything with CO2 Poisoning!

Controlled Regulator

Needle Valve

Low Pressure Regulator



MK I Perma-seal
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An electronic device which will turn on and off the gas flow. Lots of folks will only run the CO2 when their lights are on. If you have hard water, you will find this doesn't do anything for you, as you will probably need to run it 24/7.
I hate to hijack the thread but can you elaborate a little more on running it 24/7 for people with hard water? What you define as hard water? I run Co2 for 8 hours and the drop checker is always green to yellow, even in the morning, and I'm using certified 4kH water. Should I try running it all day/night?
I'm using lab certified 4kh water that I bought online so unless they are lying to me, it should be. I guess I never thought about having it last longer since it doesn't get yellow until the last 4 hours of the light period. I also see a lot of pearling about midway through to day. I'm going to try something different and will increase the CO2 time period to about 12 hours and see what effect that has. I also want to increase the lighting period since i'm only at 6 hours. I'll try to mess with that more once I get back in town for college. I won't run it at night yet but maybe this will help...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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