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Not Mechanically inclined Please explain.

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All these are on Rex Grigg's Site, Please no Flaming i am NOT a Mister Fix it kinda guy and have NO CLUE what these things do. So Please Explain What each Does and Why its needed, i feel that i should have a base knowledge and Working understanding before i try to Set one of these up on my tank and kill everything with CO2 Poisoning!

Controlled Regulator

Needle Valve

Low Pressure Regulator



MK I Perma-seal
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A If you keep your substrate as I remember you mentioning with all the crushed coral, you will not be using the solenoid. :)
This has me worried! When crushed coral is exposed to the elevated levels of acids via injecting pressurized CO2 you will accelerate the amounts of calcium dissolved into the water column. This could cause problems maintaining stable water parameter.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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