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Not Mechanically inclined Please explain.

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All these are on Rex Grigg's Site, Please no Flaming i am NOT a Mister Fix it kinda guy and have NO CLUE what these things do. So Please Explain What each Does and Why its needed, i feel that i should have a base knowledge and Working understanding before i try to Set one of these up on my tank and kill everything with CO2 Poisoning!

Controlled Regulator

Needle Valve

Low Pressure Regulator



MK I Perma-seal
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Plants do not always up take co2, just during the photo period. At night they take in oxygen and give off co2. So, with out a solenoid you run the risk of killing your fish from a lack of oxygen if the co2 is on. I guess the solenoid is not a necessity, if you plant not to have any fish. It was once put to me this way, if your co2 is efficient and on at night you fish will die.
Are we talking about yeast co2 or pressurized. With pressurized it should not take very long, how ever with yeast I could see the slow process. My main concern is not getting 30ppm, It is the oxygen content when the plants do not take in co2 but put it off.
I'm sure that your measuring method is correct. I do not question any one's co2 content, I am just stating a fact that plants do not need and will not benefit from 24/7 co2. You will just starve your fish for oxygen, they may live but they will not thrive. What is needed is balance, the balance of an ecosystem. Basically if the the light isn't on there should be no co2 on, hard or soft water has nothing to do with it.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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