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Not Mechanically inclined Please explain.

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All these are on Rex Grigg's Site, Please no Flaming i am NOT a Mister Fix it kinda guy and have NO CLUE what these things do. So Please Explain What each Does and Why its needed, i feel that i should have a base knowledge and Working understanding before i try to Set one of these up on my tank and kill everything with CO2 Poisoning!

Controlled Regulator

Needle Valve

Low Pressure Regulator



MK I Perma-seal
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4KH isnt Hard water lol. Mine was PH 8.4, GH-15+, KH -23 that is What we call VERY HARD water.
I think he was trying to say the water IN his drop checker is 4dkh, as it should be, the water in the tank is probably a lot harder than the indicator water.;)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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