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I just tested before my water change and noticed my plants arent taking up the ferts Im adding. My specs are:

I havent tested since the 21st, and my values are never this high esp. the No3 and Gh(CA and Mg). I dont know what happened. On my last water change I did add too much CaCl-2 tablespoons. rose my Gh too high to 16 and Ca to 75. that was 5 days ago. My Co2 is def high enough but no plants are pearling. I dose 8 ml Flourish, and 8 ml excel everyday. Along with 6ml SS and 2 ml PS daily. Lights are on 12 hours per day. No big changes other than putting in some new plants to try out. Any advice would be great. I am doing a major water change tomorrow to help re balance my tank out I just want to know why the plants are not intaking the ferts?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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