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Now my tank is over stock!

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This afternoon I found out a local Aquarium equipment store actually sell livestocks(in their warehouse), and, they have some nice fish with low price. I couldn't resist to take some fish from them and the total count is over the capacity of my 30G tank.
Fish I got this afternoon,
5 panda cory, $10,
a pair of guppy, $2,
2 hillstream loaches, $7,
2 wood shrimp $10.

The original stocks in my 30G
1 betta
4 zebra danio
8 neon tetra
3 otto
2 albino cory

all together is 29, and next week I might need 2 more SAE.
Now, please, what is your opinion of my about to crash tank and how do you take care of the problem if you are in the same shoes?
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Honestly, if your tank is mature, you should be fine. If this is a new tank go to the lfs and get some safe start by tetra. It is the nitrifying bacteria that is in water. Feed sparingly, too much food will be what destroys your tank. To be on the safe side every few days test your water. These are small fish and should not overwhelm your tank as long as you do not over feed.
water temp is at 76, low for betta, neon, high for panda cory, hillstream loach:(
it is mature, with modified filter, extra bio media(sponge).
They should all be able to adapt to the temp. The one inch rule of thumb is mostly used for people new to aquariums and it keeps them from overstocking from the start. The extra bio media will help you keep more fish. Just make sure you add fish slowly, wait a few weeks for the bacteria to stablize before you add any more if you plan on adding more. Remember the more fish the more importent water changes are (25-30% per week).
Remember the more fish the more importent water changes are (25-30% per week).
Great advice! You can get away with quite a bit with lots of water changes...

my 20L with a million baby montezuma swordtails. water changes done 30% twice a week. :)
it doesn't seem too bad. If it were me, I would move the Pandas to their own 10 gallon, but that's just because I like them the most.
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