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This afternoon I found out a local Aquarium equipment store actually sell livestocks(in their warehouse), and, they have some nice fish with low price. I couldn't resist to take some fish from them and the total count is over the capacity of my 30G tank.
Fish I got this afternoon,
5 panda cory, $10,
a pair of guppy, $2,
2 hillstream loaches, $7,
2 wood shrimp $10.

The original stocks in my 30G
1 betta
4 zebra danio
8 neon tetra
3 otto
2 albino cory

all together is 29, and next week I might need 2 more SAE.
Now, please, what is your opinion of my about to crash tank and how do you take care of the problem if you are in the same shoes?
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