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Now that APC has changed, this problem will be avoided

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Now that our esteemed Site Admin and his colleagues have changed APC to VBulletin we will not have to suffer this problem!

Andrew Cribb
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pineapple said:
Note to users of Firefox that there is a URL spoofing problem about. Hopefully, there is a fix somewhere too.

Andrew Cribb
Damn, it's getting tough out there. It's almost getting to be a universal thing to do a good share of your business online.
I tried to access our bank account yesterday, and Firefox said they couldn't communicate with the banks code, which I guess is better than having that info get hacked. It's just such a PITA. IE won't work at all for that sort of thing, so trying to stay up with the modern conveniences without compromising your security is a challenge, to say the least. [smilie=s:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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