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Patience is important and as any sucessful Aquarist knows is an important requirement but that is easy to say but more difficult to someone who does not have the knowledge just the wherewithal to plunge in and try to get a tank up and running. The urge to populate a tank with a variety of fish that appeals and have it look great ASAP is very strong. In todays world "I want it now!" is normal and accepted but as we know that is not reality just yet for most of us.....Patience and thoughtfulness are probably two major attributes this Hobby needs and does not have.
I agree 100%. Most people who walk into the "big box" stores looking for their first aquarium haven't done any research at all, they just want some pretty fish and a couple of plants. I think the main obstacle is that they treat the aquarium like a decoration, not a mini-ecosystem. When the bog plants die they call it quits and just stick to fish. Another obstacle is that they are not willing to do any research to find out how to keep plants alive. There really are plenty of beginner books out there and with today's technology you don't even have to leave the house, Google is an amazing tool and APC is about guaranteed to pop up. Beginner tutorials and simple setup procedures are provided and honestly it does not take long at all to understand the basic steps. You won't have a forest, but you will have the basic copse of trees, provided that you care enough about your pets to spend time researching instead of having a decoration just handed to you "NOW!".

Another obstacle is that most aquarium keepers are fish only people. I bet planted people are outnumbered at least 10 to 1, why? Probably because of the reasons people already stated, and because they think that all of the high-tech equipment is needed to even think about succeeding. T8s and dirt grow plants just fine, so do simple name brand ferts. A lot of people jump into hot water when they try to walk the line with high-tech tanks before they get the basics down, and when trouble comes they give up! I have never had a high-tech tank yet, someday I will probably try one. The difference is I KNOW what I don't know! Until I do more research and get the basics of ferts and nutrient deficiencies down, I will have no clue what hit me when trouble strikes:rolleyes:!
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