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October Meeting

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Just a reminder

we will be having our Nash meeting in conjunction with the GHAC auction on October 25
We tried to do this last time but Ike had other plans.
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Any topic in particular we will be discussing at this meeting? Also are we doing anything for the auction? I will most probably be there.

Can't make it, I will be out of town. On the upside I can visit Aqua Forest:D!

Kev - did you like the CalAqua pipes?
On the upside I can visit Aqua Forest:D!


And as well you should, most definitely! The shop is somewhat tiny but it will blow u away nevertheless:p Brothers George and Steven are really great to talk to.
So will we be participating in the auction as a club?

I have a box of crap I have been gathering that I can donate to NASH.
Any idea what time we'll have the meeting? 1PM? I'll come to the meeting on Oct 25
I do not think we will have a time like we do for a formal meeting

the auction starts at 11am am am sure most of us that are going to show will be there at 1
I am waiting on Luis to get home and hopefully that is soon. Then I will be riding out with him and another friend.

So I am guessing 12 at the earliest for me.

See you guys there.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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