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These are my personal shrimp that are bred in straight tap water with no additives. My tap water comes out with a PH of 7.5, TDS 150, KH 11 and the only thing I add is seachem safe as a dechlorinator. I keep my temps from 72f-75f. You will get 1/4" or bigger shrimp in a Kordon breather bag, Styrofoam lined box, and a plant trimming for the shrimp to hang on to during transport. I will ship priority mail via USPS on Tuesday/Saturday or you can opt for express delivery for an extra $20. I guarantee against DOA with either shipping option.

Disclaimer for package guarantee.

The package must be received on the first delivery attempt and pics of the package must be sent to my email address of rossmulyar at msn dot com within 2 hours after the delivery in case of any DOA.

Shipping is $12 and that includes a heat pack if necessary.

CRS S-SSS Grade 10+1 for $60

Dark Blue Velvet Neocaridina 10+1 for $40

Blue Bee Paracaridina 10+1 for $30

Blue Pearl Neocaridina 10+1 for $15

OEBT's 10+1 for $100
These come from a Dark Blue only tank and you will get light blue to dark blue only no blondes and they will be at least 1/2" in size.

All Plants are low to Medium light grown with no CO2 just some root tabs every couple months. Should be little to no Algae and I do have mystery snails and ramshorn snails.

Shipping is $7 including a heat pack if needed.

Cholla Wood Stump Piece with Fissiden Fontanus and Anubias Nana 30+ Leaves $50 Shipped. It measures 10" front to back on the furthest points and 9" left to right with the furthest points. It is 8" tall with the Anubias on top.

Hornwort $1 for 3"-5" stem

Jungle Vals $2 per 12"-24" rooted plant

Corkscrew Vals $2 Per 12"-24" rooted plant

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