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Been a while since my last visit.

I decided to throw all my previous fish from my NPT to my other tank, and put 3 Cichlids (African) in the NPT. The "Three Stooges" are always fighting over the 6 hobo shacks I made them, and all is well except for one thing.

Here is my problem:

Every morning, the tank is a mess. Apparently the Stooges are hard at work in the middle of the night cleaning their caves and stirring up the mulm just under the rock pebbles. All this settles on the plants in the morning and I have to go in with my bamboo stick and shake the leaves off. Apparently this is normal for Cichlids to do.

I am wondering if there are certain fish species that I can safely put in the tank that will clean the leaves, and do your average aquarium janitorial duties? Gotta worry about ph tolerance and general "not getting eaten" tolerance.

I have a 10g, 2wpg lighting, lots of plants, six hobo shacks for the Stooges (made of ceramic/Terra Cota shards), small pebble rock layer, reg. top soil bottom. Fish are: Metriaclima estherae (Red Zebra cichlid), Melanochromis Johanni (Electric Blue Cichlid), and (I think) a Pseudotropheus sp.

I appreciate any advice.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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