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I would like to enlist your help in planning my aquascape for my tank.... It is a 46 gallon bowfront with 96 watt lighting and a xps2 filter. I have eco-complete substrate mixed with flourite black sand. I will be dosing with ferts and plan on putting in root tabs to heavy feeders, if needed. This is what I am thinking as a frame-work so far...

Pretty good...

The red area I would like to be a low-growing plant like Riccia fluitans, Glossostigma elatinoides, or Hemianthus callitrichoides. Out of these, which do you think is a) easiest, b) most attractive, and c) liable to live in my current setup until I get my CO2 in a few months?

I think it would look better with a higher growing stemmed plants toward the back and have Dwarf Sag. in the front...

The yellow area I was thinking about doing a mid-height plant like a Hygrophila difformis or Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea.' Any other plants that you could suggest?

Good choices! HM or a Bacopa would be nice also.

The blue area I would like a central focus piece... something fairly low with a rounded shape like a Nymphaea lotus 'Zenkeri.' Any others that I should consider?

That isn't really a foreground plant... I would use riccia tied to flat rocks and have a small bit of the Nymphaea lotus 'Zenkeri' right in back of it.

Finally, in the green area I'd like to put in some of the taller plants to fill that back corner like some Val, Hygrophila difformis, or a ludwigia...

I would say some Val nana or val spiralis and some stemmed plants (ludwigia, rotala, etc...)

What do you think? I appreciate all of your input and help for this novice!!


Padre Gideon+

The questions are answered in bold...

Most of your choices are good but I was just trying to give you some pointers.

Please ask me some questions and I will try to answer them as est as possible. I will be checking this thread fairly often...
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