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OK, Since you asked for it. I've raised a lot of fish on and off. I've tried a discus and plants tank before and all the plants died. That was before cfl's and all the info out there now. Much less the net. So I've started again. I have just got my 55gal up and running. I call myself rinsing out the flourite, but when I got my discus/lowlight package in, I couldn't plant but half of it because I could't see through the muck. So now everything is coated with a not so fine layer of silt. Everything but the java fern, which silt doesn't seem to like to stick to.
Also, using the diy coke bottle co2 method, with my ph6.2 ? and my Kh close to 3, leaves my co2 at 55 mg/l ? Toxic tank syndrom?
Next about or later.
And then fishless cycling. ? Now or later?
Newby here.

55 gal, 2watts/gal, flourite, newplants(swords,crypts,vals,sags,bolbitis,odds and ends.
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