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Old Member, Back Again

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Hi All!

I have been a member forever, but been away for a while. After finally truly succeeding with toninas after a LONG time of trying (thanks Aquasoil), my CO2 cylinder ran out one day and I never refilled forward two years and I have finally refilled my cylinder and just re-setup my nano and 20g tank and am back on a smaller scale. Hope to see some old faces and meet some new. Oh I also got into dart frogs while I was away.

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Let me be the first to welcome you back old timer :)
Welcome back, Ethan! It looks like SCAPE is gone but you should come up to LA if I can help you with stuff -- anything in my tank is yours but I'm still growing out :) PM if you're around here still, or I can ship.

And your Tonina fluviatilis back in the day was sweet, yo.
:wave: Glad you are back. I hope to get to know you! :D
Welcome back, Ethan.
Ethan, glad you found your way back.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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