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One cup of sugar or two?

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I have been doing diy co2 for quite some time using 2 cups of sugar when I ran across an article stating 1 cup of sugar is better, since there is really no need for the extra cup. Does anyone know if this is true? I tried just using 1 cup of sugar the last mixture and it seems to produce just as long, but I am unsure of the consistency of the mixture over time. Thanks.
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I am using a 2 liter bottle. I just tested the water and it appears to still be at 30 ppm. Usually by now the yeast drops dramatically. I am going pressurized on my bigger tank (yeah Christmas!), this is just a 10 gallon experimental tank.
I could probably taste it, after all I've tasted sour dough starter and it's kinda the same process, except for sugar, there is flour. I haven't though, but it smells different with less sugar. Smells more like beer after a couple weeks.

bsmith - that's a lot of sugar! What was the result?
Wow, that little and you still have good co2? I have really wasted some sugar lately.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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