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Well, I have bought plants from 3 on line stores (one a sponsor and two that are not sponsors). My strong advice: go with a sponsor, and in your order in the comments block, mention that you are a member of this forum. Can't hurt, and will probably encourage a bit better service if they know you are active in the community and might discuss your order on this forum.

Let me tell you my most recent experience with a on-line plant company that is not a sponsor:
1) I'm smart see, way to smart to screw something up like picking the wrong company, right? I'll make a spreadsheet! with all the plants I want listed in the left column, and the availability/price from four different stores in following columns.
2) What do you know, company X has the lowest price and has all the plants! And there shipping/handling is only 3 bucks!
3) I put all my plants in the electronic shopping cart, I'm ready to check out. Oops, minimum $35 order?!? Oh well, I will add a couple of other plants.
4) Whats this? the $3 is only the handling, the shipping will be calculated later and I will get billed separately? wtf?! oh well, I'll live with that.
5) Received my plants. Hmm, this Anubias Nana "petite" sure looks exactly like my regular Anubias Nana. Its just as big as a regular Anubias Nana.
6) Wow this baby tears is looking really ragged after only a day in my tank.
7) To their credit, the other substitution they did was simply giving me a larger, more mature version of the small sword plant I ordered.

Order from a sponsor.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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