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On your plant IDs, I don't know the first one. The second one is one of the many varieties of Alternanthera reineckii.

As far as your scape goes, I think you should continue working with your hardscaping (rocks, driftwood). The flaming, round red rock and the visibly sawed off portions of your driftwood make it look anything but natural and harmonic. Try getting differently colored rocks with more subtle color and more 'character.' And/or get more driftwood that doesn't have the visibly sawed off portions (or be planned to disguise them).

As far as your plantings go, continue to let the plants fill in. However, you may want to create more of a midground as I forsee the transfer from background to foreground as a bit sharp.

Try reading what's in the weekly topic archive on this site for more tips.

Keep up the good work. Creating a good aquascape isn't easy. :)


(p.s. I suppose I am the only one being harsh on people's tanks as of late, but I feel that these people came here to get advice on how to improve their tanks rather than have their tanks unconditionally praised no matter what it looks like.)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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