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This sorta stems from the Amano's approach at lighting thread.

Most people tend to use 10-12hr full light photo periods. I know for a fact that by the 10 and 12hr mark there are some plants that either stop photolyzing for the most part, or considerably slow down their photosynthesis. You can see this in some plants that close up towards the end of the photo period despide the lights still being on.

So my question is this. Is there some sort of general window of time that you want to keep the lights on a tank for to keep photolysis at a maximum and not have plants start to "go to sleep early".
I figure that this could
a) give plants a foot up over algae since at the end of the reduced photo period, non of the plants slacked off
b) allow for less day to day growth on high light tanks yet still maintain healthy plants.

Any opinions on an optimal* photo period?

*Please ignore human wants of being able to see their tank light up at 7am before going to work and have the lights on till 7pm when they are home from work...etc etc.. ;)

Hope I am clear on my thoughts :)[/url]
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