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Orange eyed Blue Tigers for sale

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x10 for $150 USPS Express shipping included. I will ship in a styro lined box and breather bag. I will guarantee against DOA's

These are juvies(1/8" to 1/4" roughly) from nice dark blue tigers. The parents originally came from a respected US breeder. These will be a mix of blues and blondes as the exact coloration is hard to determine until they are adults. Some are already showing blue coloring at this small size which is amazing! All parents are very dark blue so chances are very good they will be dark blue. I currently have these in Aquasoil and soft water with a ph of 6.8-7.0 and temp of 75-76 degrees. Here are some pictures of the juvies. Sorry for the poor pictures

Here is one of the parents
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wow those are some crazy shrimp... i think my cichlids would eat them!!
wow those are some crazy shrimp... i think my cichlids would eat them!!
yes they would!
Nice pictures
thanks all for the nice comments
ok just a few more packages left for sale
I have a few packages left
actually orange eyes...and yes all of them
Wow! Nice Shrimps. These are my favorite type. I'll PM you at the end of the month to buy some if they're still available. Thanks :)
Same as above actually.... I just spent wads of money on new aquatic stuff and my wife will kill me if I spent this sort of money on little shrimps right now... but these are simply gorgeous! If you've still got some when my semester is over, say mid-December, please feel free to PM me, or I'll try to find you again. By then by students will be done whining and I can concentrate on admiring and breeding these little wonders.... instead of admiring how American parents put up with their own little wonders... (before sending them to Kolij that is...) :rolleyes:

All the best,
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