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Orange eyed Blue Tigers for sale

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x10 for $150 USPS Express shipping included. I will ship in a styro lined box and breather bags. I will guarantee against DOA's

These are juvies(1/8" to 1/4" roughly) from nice dark blue tigers. These will be a mix of blues and blondes as the exact coloration is hard to determine until they are adults. Some are already showing blue coloring at this small size which is amazing! All parents are very dark blue so chances are very good they will be dark blue. I currently have these in Aquasoil and soft water with a ph of 6.8-7.0 and temp of 75-76 degrees. Here are some pictures of the juvies. Sorry for the poor pictures

Here is one of the parents
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bump and price drop to $130 shipped USPS Express for x10 BT
ok, I am going to do a Holiday special...price reduced to
$110 including USPS Express shipping
PM sent....
stock is getting low so this is on hold for now...thanks
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