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Ordering Plant Assortments

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Is it OK to order plants online when they say “Plant Assortments” because basically they do the picking or pick them yourself? You do save money but I wonder about the disappointment.

We are new into plants (not fish) and right now they all seem a jumble. Please feel free to suggest some to us. The tank is a 55 gallon with 3 pieces of driftwood, one large triangular shaped 12"x12"x12" size and 2 pieces like logs 3"x12-15”. Lights 2.4 wpg. Substrate is 1/4" peat, 1/2" Schultz Aquatic Soil and 2-1/2" Fluorite top. I know my wife wants some red and the fish will be mostly rainbowfish.
Thanks for your help.
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Most of the assortments I have seen offered online have been pretty nice. Usually they will tell you what you will most likely recieve. What packages were you looking at?
I would bet that you will probably be happy with either of those packages. If you email the company they will probably give you an idea of what might be included in your package.
I know that Vic at Aquarium Garden will tell you pretty quickly what to expect. You may even get him to change things a little based on what he has onhand or readily available from the supplier. You can either e-mail him through the site or post in the site forums.

Well I must be the only one that tells you exactly what plants you are getting, not blind assortments
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