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This type of operation is meant to play host and make the most of beautiful fish that inhabit nature in the course of the typical black water basin of the Amazon, with particular reference to the Rio ***** and many of its tributaries.

OTRAC stands for:

O: (trace) amounts of low salt present; s <200mS/cm
TR: (Tropic) temperature 28 <T <30 °
IAC: (hyper-acid) pH <=5.5 °

Background: gravel inert medium fine not must be siphons ever.

Bottom layer:are not expected, or at most that do not release substances in the column.

Lighting: not relevant

Furniture: bog wood, root.

Filtering: being a tank under populated that organic must be reduced to a minimum, we recommend
the use of UV

Movement of water: high levels of oxygen, so much movement.

Acidification: peat, leaves catappa, and alder cones.

Change water: 20-30% a week
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Ah... changing water every week will turn off many of us NPT ppl. Is this an ad you are posting? If not let me see some pictures of what you are proposing.
excuse my question.
What is NPT?
I can just picture some posters.
The aquarium is not mine
excuse my question.
What is NPT?
NPT means Naturally Planted Tank. It starts off with a soil layer under the gravel to nourish plant roots. The tank is then heavily planted so the plants can absorb (take in) harmful substances in the water, which are ultimately removed when the plants are pruned. Because of this natural filtration, water changes are few and far between.

Hope this helps,
the sense of this type of development is to ascertain to what extent should the plants and animals can withstand the limits of select habitats.
because at certain levels of ph some bacteria can not live, you try to limit the load of organic bath; behold, because of changes of water.
the substrate will only date from the leaves and organic waste that fish will.
as the Italian forum in which they are writing, we go forward we update.
so be exchanged ideas on selling.

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