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Over the Grass

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Just a few. Tell me what you think.


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Is all of that foreground Blyxa japonica?! In the fourth pic it looks like a huge field with some distant trees behind it. But in the full tank shot all the blyxa is a bit overwhelming. Perhaps remove the front row of blyxa and use a smaller groundcover to increase the sense of depth. Overall it looks very healthy and I like the mix of stems you've used. I think a bit more shaping of the stems at the left into individual groups would add to the overall look. You have some lovely fish in there. BTW, what size of tank is it?
Thanks. Its a 125 gallon. I am still not done with scaping. I have some HC I am trying to get growing, and once it does, I will clear some blyxa for it. Im glad you like the fish, I abolutely love my boesemani rainbows.
Awesome, Derek. Just beautiful.
I like it. Thats a lot of plants for a 125 gal tank. What is the plant on the left that looks like grass. Sorry I do not know the name, I really like that.

Thanks. Which plant are you talking about xtremefour? There is HC and elatine tiandra in the front that I am trying to get growing.
Very nice scape. It really is beautiful! How much light are you using?
Thank you. I have 6 96 watt 12000K daylight bulbs on the tank. It is almost too much but my plants are coloring up nicely.
Nice tank. I like idea of using Blyxa japonica as foreground. Maybe some low temperature bulbs? Perhaps something around 8000k?
Thanks. The light sits about 6 inches above the tank so the heat escapes.
Oh I see what you mean. The reason I chose the bulbs I have is because I got a really good deal on them. I just couldn't pass it up.
Anybody have any questions? Comments? Anything?
I use 2xT5HO Giesemann bulbs for my tank (1 Midday and 1 AquaFlora). Looks like the 12K is venturing into the spectrum that's more suitable for Saltwater Aquariums. You're saying that the plants are coloring up well.

How many hours do you have the lights on?
They are on 12 hrs. a day. Like I said, I know it may be a bit much, but it is working out really good for me right now. If it becomes an issue I will cut the hrs of light back. If worse comes to worse, I will go out and buy some 8000K bulbs.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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