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SWAG here - Go with the recommended ratios of all items outlined in a particular ferts plan (EI, PPM - or whatever commercial regimen you choose). If you have an assortment of plants, these ratios should hold pretty true to the plants uptake of nutrients. Then all you have to measure in NO3 to see if you're maintaining some level of nutrients in the water column. With the probable exception of Potassium (which is largely a function of the water going into the tank) and the possible exception of Calcium, your NO3 levels should be close to the mark as to your overall levels, as long as you stick to one plan or just use the fertilator targets.

If run properly (don't short your shaking or standing times), APC NO3 tests are not bad and they're cheap. Specific test kits for iron etc. etc. etc. vary in accuracy and tend to be expensive, at least compared to the cost of an APC master test kit.
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