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Is anyone else having this problem? When I google something linked to this site, try to click on links in signature lines, or click on links in individual posts, I keep getting "Page Not Found." It seems like this just started. Am I doing something wrong?
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I am getting this message a lot recently when I click on one of the forums in the site navigation box on the home page.
The SEO plugin / mod_rewrite / whatever that made the pretty URLs was turned off, and yes, it's terribly annoying that nearly every link to and in threads at APC is broken.
I noticed that as well, sorry for the inconvenience!

We'll notify the tech team
You're awesome Hooha! ;) I am missing those valuable reference links :pout:
these should hopefully be fixed. Let the staff know if there are any other broken links.
Thank you. As one of the 'old' guys around here, I really feel that my 'roots' in this hobby are strongly dug in at APC.

When I first clicked on one of my old threads in my signature, and found that I could not get to it - I for a moment felt like I had been excommunicated for being away for too long.

I know I set my signature links up, so therefore I should remember how to do that.

But my skills have become rusty.

Hooha, I really appreciate your help and the help from the tech team on this stuff.

There is such a good wealth of knowledge and history here on APC.
I would sure hate to lose that.


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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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