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So, I sprung 50 dollars US to get this Red Sea master freshwater test kit. I guess my question is, does anything seem out of whack? I searched "ideal parameters" and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Here are the details.

pH: =< 6.2
CO2: 22 ppm
KH: 3.0
GH: 10-11 (I lost count of my drops)
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Ammonia: 0 ppm

I have a pretty heavily planted 20H. Maybe I'll post a picture later tonight or tomorrow. I fertilize on a daily basis as per the SeaChem dosing chart; 2mL Excel, 2mL Iron, 1mL each N,P,K, 0.5mL Flourish, no trace however.

Eheim 2213, Pressurized CO2, 96w T-5, Photoperiod 8 hours, 100w heater

Flora: (only because I like listing them)
Didiplis Diandra
L. paulustris
L. arcuata
B. japonica (is a purple coloration normal, and I see tens of those 'matches' on just two stems)
Cyperus Helferi

Ghost Shrimp
Ember Tetra

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Here is a picture, this tank has only been up since the beginning of July. This selection of plants have been in there for maybe six weeks.

Plant Plant community Terrestrial plant Natural landscape Woody plant

I really had no objective in mind, nor did I expect it to grow out the way it has. I'm just letting it be itself, trimming every two weeks or so.

Plant Plant community Green Fixture Aquatic plant

Thanks for any help with the original question, or any suggestions you may have.

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Thanks. I dropped the bpm about a 1/4. I stare at this thing for at least an hour each day and have never noticed a tetra [2 in the tank] or oto [9-10 in the tank] gasping or what have you (is there a term for cories/otos when they rush to the surface and hold a pocket of air). Plant4life is right, no RO and no pH decreasing element. But, I'm not sure about it being that harmful to fish, at least with hardier species, some can tolerate much lower pH levels. Thanks for looking everyone, I just got worried since I've never tested anymore than pH before.
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