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Pats or Eagles?

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Big day is coming up. Who's your favorite and who do you have money on?
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The Pats...third time in four years. That'll be sweet!
I think it will come down the to running backs- Dillon and Westbrook. I'm a Dolphin fan so I'm kinda going for the Pats. I'd like to say we beat the Super Bowl Champs! :)
Pats, I guess... None of the teams I pull for got in and no southern teams :cry:
Eagles. But only because I'm sick of the Patriots.

No Pittsburg this year ::tear::
Eagles. But only because I'm sick of the Patriots.
The Eagles, are you sure? I mean, I loved the "Hotel California" album, but
this is the Super Bowl! :supz: Yeah, none of my faves made it either [smilie=m:

You have to think that the Patriots will win...they hardly ever lose:)...except to the dolphins:(. However, with 7 points the eagles are a mighty tempting bet :):):)
I'M Sick of seeing the patriots in the Super Bowl.....Go Philly I got my money on them.Watch for the deep passes this game with the pats cb hurting
Getting excited, only a few hours before kick off. :rolleyes:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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