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Peckoltia sp. L-134

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this fish. It's beautiful, and from what I gather from the German websites, only moderately difficult to breed.

Also, if anyone knows of a source for this fish, please let me know :)
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The chances are good that you've already seen this, but I'll give you the link anyway. I've not kept that fish myself.

Peckoltia are generally omnivoirs and like vegetable matter as well as meat. I generally feed shrimpmix, bloodworms, zuccini and a few kinds of dry food.

Not sure I would totally trust them in a planted tank unless it is mostly anubias, javafern and/or fineleaved plants.

They do chew wood a bit and it needs to be in the tank as do plenty of hidingspots.

I have personally (as have a few others I have talked to) found them relativley hard to acclimate. You will generally experience heavy initial losses.

This can be somewhat overcome by introducing the fish into a large quarantine tank which is well cycled (55gal+). Most of my hypancistrus and peckoltias are kept at 80+ degrees where their metabolism increases and they tend to forage for food more and be generally active.

As for breeding you will need to have RO water available as it seems to be the trigger to them spawning. Your fish should also be very round and fat as it seems both sexes are very plump when in good health.

They are one of my favorites - good luck.

I think Julie ar has some.
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