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Penac - out of the box thinking?

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Hello all,

DISCLAIMER: Admins, Mods, feel free to squash this thread if you like. People have become somewhat hostile when this topic has been discussed in the past. I'm attempting only to give some updates being that our friends at ADA seem to be carrying some of the Penac line now. Besides, I have my fire extinguisher handy in case I get flamed.;)

I have used some of the Penac products in the past and have had very good results. Better than when I didn't use the products? Hmm...probably. I can tell you I had less algae and the plants were stronger and brighter. Does that mean you should use Penac products? Well, no. What I hope you do is find out more about it. If it's interesting to you, test it out.

I found that Penac has a bad rap because of the "mojo-like" marketing pieces that are out there. One needs to understand that most of that was written for markets where people are much more receptive to such things than the US. Dig deeper and you may be intrigued.

Here is a piece on research that is being done: This website also has decent English descriptions:

Lastly, look into the use of organics and minerals in hydroponic culture.
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It seems to me that you would need 4 tanks to test this out. Since Penac is said to raise CEC value because it is primarily bentonite (I "think" I understand this to be true...), you would have to test it against a substrate that also has a high CEC value (the fired clays such as Flourite or SMS). You would also have to test it against a strerile substrate (like pea gravel).

So, anyone have 4 tanks they want to experiment with? Fired clay alone, fired clay + Penac, pea gravel alone, and pea gravel + Penac...same plants, lighting, ferts, etc...

Dang! I would totally love to run this test, but don't have the tanks! If anyone volunteers, I'll donate plants.

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