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This is some stuff that I have been working on on another forum. Thought you guys might be interested.

I've talked to them about getting that rod hanger made. They said it could be specially ordered but that it would be to expensive. These kind of hanging systems are made by Aqua Design Amano but not sold in the US. I can take some picture from their catalog tonight of some of their solutions. I want to make mine for my Ocean light. Which is a little smaller than the Nova II, not as nice and has a noisy fan.

Nova's can be ordered with matching wall mounts,

I was going to create some cad drawings to take to a local machine shop to see how much it would cost to bend the rod. I forget what it is called, but the machine shops can create perfect bends on the rod (no wrinkle on the bend). Otherwise you could just get a rod at HD, get a couple of long pipes for torque and make it yourself. The way the ADA rods are made is with the rod seated within a pipe (inside diameter same as rods OD), so that you can adjust the pendant up and down.

rod bending ideas,

Still haven't found the name of the special bend, but here is the picture.

info on tube bending,

I was thinking a machine shop, but really have no idea. This is the hanging kit that I recommend,Aqualine Buschke Steel Wire Suspension kit

This is what the other style looks like,

mandrel bend is what I was looking for.

I think there is a trade show going on right now, so you might not get a response for a couple of weeks. They never gave me a cost. I tried looking up the email but didn't find it, but I will check again. I'm actually going to get a quote from a local pipe bending company, and will let you know how it goes. Here are the drawings I made to send to them,

Here is one of Oliver Knott's pictures of the first system,

This is the setup I am trying to replicate. All I need is the custom stand and Nova II with the hanging system. I personally like the first system, maybe cause its more unique. The Nova II pendant is lite enough (need to look it up actually) that I don't think it would be a problem. But I will let the pipe bending company give me advice on the correct width on the rod, etc. I was also thinking of going to a business that sells home lighting, maybe they could get something to work. I'm in S.F. so,

CAD's for cabinet,
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