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I have this problem with Cyanobacteria in my iwagumi scaped fish tank. I think it is caused by weak current by my filter [I bought I new one], well my 10gal tank smells weird, you know that swampy smell... Aquarium Co op says it is an early sign of a bacterial infection.

I've been contemplating resolving to Erythromycin as a problem fixer, but as I went through all the possible articles and video searches. Yeah, you guessed it, the solution usually ends up with using Erythromycin or other antibiotical medicine. I've heard of some product called Ultralife for red slime algae, which is also a type of Cyanobacteria on a youtube video, and a product from API which is called API Erythromycin, which sadly does not sell in my country; but I've managed to get my hands on it from a local online shop.

I have yet to try it, but I hope it works. Your method is for reef tanks, so I was wondering if the application would be different for a freshwater tank. The shop owner suggested that I dose using the following method:

Day 1: Change 1/3 [25%] of water and start dosing 2g for a 10gal tank or 5g to every 100L of water, stop feeding the fish, I guess also include fertilizers [continue until Day 3].
Day 4: Change 1/3 [25%] of water and start dosing 2g for a 10gal tank or 5g to every 100L of water, you can feed the fish on this day.
Day 5: Rest. Do not do anything.
Day 6: You can start a new treatment if your problem is unresolved.

Keep in mind, This is somewhat also a method to treat your fish for a certain sickness that Erythromycin will help, hence the not feeding the fish part. But I do also think that it could possibly be to ensure that the fish is not producing waste that the bacteria could use as their source of nutrients to survive.

As the medication is also safe to use, so I would not worry so much about the fish, but I do worry about the fry in the tank and the idea of not feeding them for 3 days is in my heavy consideration. If you have fish like Otocinclus, it is well known for starving itself. So I am going to rely on the algae in the aquarium

*The Ultralife product video
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