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Personal Paypal Accounts

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My sunset hygro is growing out very fast and I'd like to do an RAOK. I have a personal paypal account which I would like to use to accept the shipping charges. Would I be able to accept any funds since I don't have a premier/business account? How would it work?
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you should beable to recieve funds privately. Sometimes there are reasons, non business, for the transfer of currency from one hand to another, such as, please loan me 15 dollars... and repaying of the hypothetical 15 dollars. Mind you, I do believe I have a business account. But I am pretty sure you shouldn't have any problems.

So, I am more than Positive. Yes.
I'm not entirely sure, but I think with a basic personal account you might only have the option to accept non-credit card payments.
You could look at the PP site and they usually have the answers there.

BTW, how nice of you to offer the RAOK. :)
Is there an annual fee for business/premier accounts? The fees for receiving seem lower for these accounts.
to be honest, I really have no idea. I spend most of my time spending on it rather than selling on it. I got it because I can set up shopping carts or tings.
I don't think there's a fee for premier accounts, and I don't know about business accounts.

At least I think I have a premier account, and the only fee I pay is the percentage for CC payments.
lildark, you can accept any type of payments, but Paypal will charge you a fee to accept credit/debit card payments. Also, if you have a personal account, you can only accept up to 3 of those type of payments per year. If you accept a 4th, you'll be automatically upgraded to premier.

If the person is paying you straight up with Paypal funds from their checking account, or send you an eCheck, then there won't be any fees associated with the transaction.

I think the fee for credit/debit cards is something like $.30 + some percentage.

Pretty sure what I have down is correct. If someone knows better, feel free to chime in!
Boy, this wasn't easy to find on their site:

"Debit or credit card acceptance limit:
As long as you are within your monthly receiving limit, you can accept up to five debit or credit card payments per year at our low per transaction rate. "

Links to:

Receive payments funded by Credit Card, Debit Card or Buyer Credit

4.9% + $0.30 USD (limit of 5 transactions per 12 month period)** for domestic or U.S. transactions
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