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Malaysian Trumpet snails will eat pond snail and ramshorn eggs when they find them. Slows the population growth down.

Little bit of wilted lettuce or spinach stuck in a small glass at the bottom will be loaded with snails if left in the tank undisturbed for a day. Lift the glass out and pick.

A few people over on the Planted Tank board claim that their kuhli loaches eat snails. Totally non aggressive but I can't imagine they manage to eat any but very small snails. I did buy 2 the other day to give it a try. Tank is so heavily planted I'll probably never spot them again.

Honestly snails don't bother much. I have them and really don't mind them. They eat the dead and dying leaves and algae and other things fish won't normally touch.

I've got pond snails, ramshorns and a big mystery snail. No snail holes in plants. Constantly see them working over the glass, rocks and substrate. Always on dead, detached leaves or grazing on leaves with a little algae. No harm done, lots of good. Just need to keep a little birth control going.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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