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Macrophytes or marine plants.

There's no need to use 20K, atinics 03's etc with marine plants, corals yes, but marine plants do fine with 5000-6700K, 8800K, 10K bulbs.

But if you have corals etc in with, then it's a good deal and a good idea.

If you want to precvent Caulerpa from going sexual and maintain a healthy refugium etc keep the relative biomass the same, eg trim the damn weed regularly!

These plants will suck up more and more nutrients then bottom out and die back, they essentially eat themselves out of house and home, remove everything then die and produce spores(like seed production when the weather changes/becomes drier).

Aquatic plants in Fw do the same thing if you don't add enough KNO3 etc.

You can add KNO3 or more fish food to the Marine tank and certainly iron, Ca, CO3, Mg will help along with a DBS of 4" or so.

If you do that, Caulerpas do well over the long term.

If the biomass is stable then the uptake is stable.
If you have more biomass, then you need to add more nutrient inputs. Try and balance these in/outputs and it will not be an issue.

Tom Barr
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