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Petco Nano

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Anyone ever tried this tank? I've been spying it on the shelf. It has a pretty nice T-5 bulb. Good light for that size tank.
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I don't know. It is a 6.6 gallon tank and the bulb is only 15 watt. I have a 24 watt compact fluorescent lamp on my 2.5 gallon, and I would say it's just enough light. It does, however, have very nice dimensions if you wanted to get it and possibly just fix more light to it.
I would get it and ditch the light and get something more powerful. I would also try taking the top rim off and maybe use a zoomed 501 on it. It looks like a nice size and shape tank.
I have seen lots of people use these, and at one point, I think I even saw a review of this tank. (This site?) Anyway. It is a great tank, it will go rimless (in the same manner as an eclipse tank), but as stated above, you will need a better light and filter.

Hope that helps.
I bought this tank I was able to keep it scratch free for about 2 years it grew my plants really well. I liked the size the length and the look. I clean my water every week. Once algae grows hard to get it off the plastic and once it scratches it is a done deal. The plastic had a diffused look to it. I got rid of it. Good temp starter but, I am now a glass only tank gal. Not worth the waste of money:confused:
Thanks for all the input!
I got this tank, based on a review i read here.

I have really liked it so far. it shipped with a few smudge/scratches but they are only noticible at certain angles. I don't think the filter is quite as bad as described, but what do i know?

The dimensions and price of this tank make it pretty sweet!

Check the tank out @ my sig
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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