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Okay, I know I'm bugging you guys a lot, and doing a lot of talking about a grandiose tank that I have all these plans for.... Yes, it will happen and you'll get photos. I just do a LOT of planning before I spend cash. =P

Background information: Tank is 115G Flat-Back Hex DAS tank, internal H-99 overflow and filter. I plan on removing the protein skimmer, taking the pump from it and plumbing it out the back of the tank into a CO2 reactor, then back into the 'filter box'. CO2 is going to be a 10lb. tank I got at a garage sale a few years ago. Lighting is currently planned on 2 x 175W MH 6500K's with two 96W CF's for color balance and dawn/dusk to slowly 'wake the tank' and a few moonlights fun. Substrate is planned as 1" (sloping back to 3") of Shultz A.P.S. with peat, Flourite, and a pool gravel as filler, capped with 3" of 50/50 Flourite/pool gravel.

Okay, topic for today is pH controllers. I have been looking at them online, and found both a Pinpoint for ~$200, and a Milwaukee for ~$90. That's a HUGE difference in my mind. Is there any reason to purchace the Pinpiont over the Milwaukee? If there is, fine, I just wanna see $100 of justification. If there's not, I'm looking at picking up Combo 1 on this site. Any comments?
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