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Hi there,

I just tested my ph, something i do not do as reguarly and something I have not done since adding co2 last week and upon testing just now I discovered it was very very alkaline at least 7.6, just to confirm i half filled a 20ml vial with tank water and added 3 drops of (as it says on the bottle) and the result is very alkaline.

We have angels and rummy nose tetras and angels, java ferns, crypts and swords, hornwort and willow moss

Will a ph this alkaline affect things to the detrement to any of these things if so what do i do?

Regards Darren

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A 7.6 pH is not "very, very alkaline". It is just somewhat alkaline, but near neutral. It is well within the range of pH's that almost all fish can live in. Have you tested your KH and GH? If something is leaching out carbonates that would raise the pH - something like limestone gravel.
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