Items For Trade:

I have two portions of phoenix moss (Fissidens fontanus) (approx. 2"x2") I would like to trade, each portion for a portion (preferably) of any of the following:
Anubias nana "petite"
Mini Pellia (Riccardia chamedryfolia)
Pellia (Monosolenium tenerum)
Süßwassertang (Lomariopsis lineata)
Bucephalandra "Brownie Blue"
Bucephalandra "Brownie Purple"
Bucephalandra "Deep Purple"
Bucephalandra "Mini Catherinae"

But these will do as well:
Hygrophila araguaia
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Staurogyne repens

Moss is free of algae and snails. I expect the same in return. Shipped First Class with tracking.
Plant Rectangle Grass Evergreen Tree