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Hey all..

I have a 29gal., 3.2wpg, and DIY C02, modertate fish load, all water parameters are in good ranges. Things are growing like crazy in my tank and all is well, even the glosso pearls like nuts. However, it seems that when I leave for work, the water is crystal clear, but when I return home from work, 10 hrs later, the water is hazy. Its been happening for a few weeks now. Why is it that my water clouds up throughout the photoperiod??? Its not green water, its more a whitish haze...

Any ideas??

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Sometimes, if you run a diatom filter on water which simply seems white/hazey, the filter will turn green. Water haze is more often than not green water in my experience. If the water tends to heat up during the day, by the evening it can appear worse.

Andrew Cribb
It does seem like a mild greenwater issue.
If your plants bring up the pH high enough during the photoperiod, you can get a calcium phosphate precipitate that will cloud the water. Overnight, the pH will drop and the precipotate will dissolve again. Check your pH when you get home. Is your phosphate level pretty high?
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