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Guppy grass. (4 stems)
Java Fern (4 plants)
Didiplis Diandra (6 stems)
Hygrophila tiger (3 stems)
Rotala rotundifolia (5 stems)
Java moss (Bigger than goftball)
Hornwort (a chunk. Hard to describe for this one)
Asian ambulia (4-5 stems)
Salvinia minima. (few spoonfuls)
Blyxa japonica (4 stems)

You get to pick 7 types of plants for $11 shipped.The portion of each plant is in parenthesis.
Non-credit card paypal only please.
Shipping will be this coming SATURDAY.

My feedback:

Frequently Asked Questions.
1) Are you giving one stem per plant type?
-No. You'll get a chunk, or a bunch, or a portion to start off. I would never give you one stem per plant.

2) Why do you ship on Saturdays when the post office is closed on Sundays?
-Due to time constraint (work, research, school), I can only ship Saturdays. Even though the post office is closed Sundays, they still process mail. All my
shipments have made it to the buyer on Monday. I use Aaron's shipping method, so plants do not arrive in black mush. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.