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Pics from emersed tray.

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Here are a couple of pics from the emersed tray I set up a few weeks back...

Emersed Echinodorus sp. "Red Special"

Emersed Cryptocoryne wendtii "Tropica"
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Only emersed stuff I'm growing is Xmas moss, Erect moss, and a no-name moss that grows straight up, as well as some glosso for a bit. Temporary until I get the BGA problem in my main tank fixed, as well as setup a new 15g for my dwarf puffers. I get these take-out sandwich, etc.. plastic containers with black bottoms & clear tops. Put some flourite in the bottom, fill to top of flourite with water & lay the moss in. It's only a temporary setup, but has worked so far.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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